Dec 302013

The Autonomous Transient Ocean Event Monitoring (ATOEM) platform concept was first presented at UUST 2013 in Portsmouth, NH this past August and has now been published in the Journal of Unmanned System Technology (JUST) Vol 1, No 3 (2013).



AbstractA novel conceptual design is presented for a research platform for Autonomous Transient Ocean Event Monitoring (ATOEM). In simplest form, ATOEM would be an autonomous diesel-electric submarine of conventional design, but stripped of all of its requirements for human occupation and life support, and whose “torpedo” tubes would instead be loaded with a variety of AUV configurations (e.g., benthic, photic zone and midwater) capable of autonomous docking with the “mother ship”. Global deployment of a large fleet of modular, low-cost, highly manufacturable ATOEM platforms has the potential to transform oceanographic research by providing coordinated, comprehensive, time-series, spatiotemporal measurements of all key ocean properties on an unprecedented scale.